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About BASIC Speed & Agility

About Coach Mike...

Michael, a former NCAA Sprint Star with the venerable University of Nebraska, mentors athletes from various performance levels. Michael currently coaches athletes representing Canada, Universities and local clubs across various athletic disciplines. Michael emphasizes proper sprint mechanics, cognitive preparation and systematic agility training; the core concepts on which the Basic Speed & Agility Group was founded.

Michael Corniffe Michael Corniffe Co-Founder, Speed & Agility Trainer

About Coach Milton...

Milton is a former Olympian with a passion for sprinting, fitness, and education. Milton is a true believer in the concept that athletes, if properly instructed upon the fundamentals of speed and agility, can take their games to world-class levels. By virtue of the fact that he is always seeking to help in athletes and regular citizens achieve their fitness goals, Milton embodies the concept that great athleticism enhances every other aspect of one’s life.

Milton Hart Milton Hart Co-Founder, Speed & Agility Trainer

About Coach Blake...

Blake is an inspirational fitness coach, mentor, and extreme personal trainer par excellence. Blake has been instrumental in establishing agility, enhanced stride length and improving on the flexibility. A prerequisite for world-class athletic performances. Outside of mentoring youngsters via Basic Speed & Agility training camps, Blake can be found supervising and personally conducting unique core-strength-training and other specialized exercise programs.

Blake Buchanan Blake Buchanan Fitness, Conditioning & Agility Manager

About Stuart Greenspan...

Dr. Greenspan has been a key member of the group that kept our Coaches lean, loose, and limber in order for optimal performance since 1994. Found today at his Thornhill Sports Injury & Pain Clinic, this remains home to many of the top Athletes that the world has seen from MLSE's Toronto Maple Leafs, and TFC to Evander Holyfield and everyone in between.

Stuart Greenspan Dr. Stuart Greenspan Chiropractor

About Koula Koliviras...

Koula, Mother of two Basic Speed & Agility Group participants, was brought on board to coordinate the Sales, Marketing, and Programming efforts. In a short time, Koula has reorganized the group's efforts and put her solid footprint on the operations of the ogranization. A professional in every way, we welcome Koula to the BSAG family with open arms.

Koula Koliviras Koula Koliviras Sales & Marketing Manager

About Coach Emanuel...

Emanuel is a former Olympic and world-class sprinter whose expertise is highly sought after in Canada and around the world. Emanuel is a former Sprinting-Mate of Michael and works tirelessly in preparing youngsters for top-class competition and is an extraordinary source of information for athletes working with the Basic Speed and Agility Group.

Emanuel Okoli Emanuel Okoli Lead Speed, Mechanics, Transitions Trainer

About Howard Pryce...

A consumate professional and perfectionist in all fundamental movements, Howard joins the Basic Speed & Agility Group as Coach and Mentor to all of our Athletes. His many years of operating successful basketball programs and championship teams w/ the OBA and YNBA has alligned his discipline and attack plans along side BSAG..

Howard Pryce Howard Pryce Technical Trainer - Basketball Specialist

About Julian Roach...

Julian, a Physiotherapist from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland, can boast as being the Head Coach and Physiotherapist of Finland’s Men’s National Cricket Team. He then extended his network to the Crystal Palace Football Club. Speaking for itself; this has qualified Julian as one of Canada's most knowledgeable Physiotherapists.

Julian Roach Julian Roach Clinical Director & Owner -- PhysActiv Sports Medicine

About Wayne Williams...

The Owner and Operator of BuffBoy Fitness, Wayne can be spotted training many top Athletes and Hollywood Stars around the GTA. When he's not busy hobknobbing, he can also be found as the Fitness Consultant for CP24 and their roster of On-Air Personalities. Wayne has been a long time friend of BSAG and we officially welcome his guidance and expertise.

BuffBoy Fitness Wayne Williams Wayne Williams Strength, Power, Conditioning Trainer - West GTA

Sports and Athletes We Work With

Football Players

Hockey Players

Soccer Players



Baseball Players

Field Hockey/Lacrosse

Basketball Players

Tennis Players

Elite Sprinting


General Fitness

Our Friends and Partners

Basic Speed & Agility would like to thank the following Groups, Clubs, and Parents.

Quotes & Reviews

Basic Speed & Agility would like to thank the parents and groups for all feedback. Your feedback helps us grow!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

Regarding a young BSAG Soccer/Sprint Athlete...

" She's had a few breakaways this season carrying the ball at full speed up the line blowing past everyone else before finishing. No one in the league comes close to catching her. The speed advantage is obvious. She's become a formidable force amongst her peers. [BSAG] has played an important role in that."

Basic Speed & Agility Group Robert T. Parent of Aurora Youth Soccer Club Athlete

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

Regarding a Soccer/Futsal Parent referring the BSAG curriculum...

" [My son] has played for Canada's National Futsal team, dominates the OPDL, and is now in his second year in the NCAA on a full scholarship. Coaches Mike and Milton played a tremendous role in [his] development and my wife and I feel blessed to have found Basic Speed & Agility Group."

Basic Speed & Agility Group Tyler D. Parent of NCAA Soccer Athlete

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

Regarding an Aurora Tigers Hockey Player's performance...

" Lucas' team has won the tournament. He had 9 Assists and 1 Goal in 6 games. Someone tried to trap and check him into the boards and he instantly skated right past out of nowhere. Coaches said "WOW". Other parents were all in awe. I know that your training is working on him. Thank you!!!"

Basic Speed & Agility Group Sam D. Parent of Aurora Tigers Hockey Player

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

"My son is 13 and surpassing the skill level of 17 and 18 year olds on the football field. All thanks to Coaches Emmanuel, Michael, and Milton. Thanks guys!"

Basic Speed & Agility Group D. Walker, Mississauga, ON. Parent/Football Coach, MIFA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

"We've been looking for this service for a while. Here it is in our own backyard. I love the feedback my son is getting. He is rapidly improving and loving the training."

Basic Speed & Agility Group A. Wong, Aurora, ON. Parent of young athlete

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

"Although it's intense, my son looks forward to training every week. He's improved immensely since he began with Coach Mike and Milton and their group."

Basic Speed & Agility Group K. Cerros, Mississauga, ON. Parent of young athletes

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

"This group has drastically raised the level of athleticism in my soccer camp in a short time. Thanks to Coaches Milton, Emmanuel, and Michael!"

Basic Speed & Agility Group G. Villafana, Toronto, ON. Soca Soccer FC Academy Owner

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

"Coach Milton has been working with both of my children for 7 years. The training has allowed them to excel above their peers in both soccer and hockey."

Basic Speed & Agility Group J. Hilliard, Richmond Hill, ON. Parent/Former Athlete

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ of 5

"As Head Coach/Trainer of my semi-pro Mens soccer team for 6 years now, Coach Mike has guided us to 9 In/Outdoor League Championships. Best hire I've ever made."

Basic Speed & Agility Group M. Parsa, Richmond Hill, ON. Owner, Toronto Kodiaks Football Club

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Basic Speed & Agility
250 Conover Avenue
Aurora, ON L4G 7W8

Please feel free to contact Milton or Michael with any of your inquiries.

We would like to hear what you think!

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Headquartered in Aurora, we are positioned in a convenient location within the Greater Toronto Area. We cover the entire GTA for private and club/team bookings. Simply use our Contact Form to book us.
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